Cheerleading is the fastest growing team sport in schools, and its popularity continues to grow. Even though cheerleading tends to have a bad rap because of high injury rates, there’s actually another matter, too, which often gets overlooked. Most cheerleading leagues still don’t view cheerleading as a game, so it doesn’t have to follow very strict safety regulations that play such a huge part in supporting cheerleading injuries. That can cause a dangerous situation for cheerleading lovers and put them in danger of serious harm.

As a cheerleader you are an athlete, yes, but more than just an athlete. You’ve got abilities that you learned in a sports academy, you practice them daily in front of your own coach, and now that ability is going to be taken to a competition and put against other cheerleading teams. If your cheerleading coach does not see cheerleading as a legitimate sport, she may neglect to guard you. Not all injuries in cheerleading are about the participant or her coach. Even some of those injuries come from different players or cheerleading coaches.

One of the most common types of injuries in cheerleading comes in the form of a knee injury. This can occur during routine football tasks or as part of a cheerleading competition. The problem occurs when a soccer player lunges toward the goal post along with her teammates. These activities are called”celebral concussions.” A football player can be dragged off the field with a concussion, which makes it a potentially catastrophic injury to get a cheerleader.

Cheerleading may also risk cheerleaders’ lifestyles when cheerleading-related stunts or activities are done improperly. For instance, cheerleaders jumping from a top structure or stairs in a split second can cause a individual to slip and fall. High jumps can cause head injury if they’re not properly supervised. There have also been instances where cheerleaders have rushed football players directly into a concussive impact.

Other injuries could include broken bones, cuts, and sprains. Cheerleading stunts that demand gymnastics motions, flips, tricks, or acrobatic movements can result in severe injuries. Sports stars have been sued and had their paying’s for missed days from work because of these kinds of injuries. Other stunts that cheerleaders perform, like stunts which use heels or hips, may lead to a broken bone, a cut, or possibly a dislocated kneecap.

So as to safely perform cheerleading stunts and other sports in contests, cheerleading shoes must be worn out. Shoes must be supportive and possess excellent traction. Cheer bows and cheer caps are also an essential part of a cheerleading outfit. Competitive cheerleading also needs cheerleading uniforms, such as cheer pads, a uniform shirt, along with a short-length skirt. The skirts on these uniforms must be black, red, or white to become discreet.

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