Cheerleading is a game that combines fun and exercise. You cheer on your team for a member of this team and make your own cheers, sing your music and dancing your motions. This is what cheerleading is all about. You’re part of a team. So, what do you need to be aware of if you want to join?

The three most important positions in cheerleading are also the foundations, the spotters and the flyers. A truly versatile cheerleader can perform some of those places except for the previous two however, most commonly, a cheerleader is focused on only one or a few positions. All these would be the cheer stunt positions that cheerleading coaches concentrate on teaching their cheer squad.

The foundation is holding another two cheerleading rankings – the flyers as well as the sitter. If you’re playing wide receiver or the quarterback, you will have to understand how to perform both rankings, holding the exact same hand (or arms) and in precisely the exact same posture. Your role is mostly holding the flyers, the point where all of the stunts happen. Becoming aware of the value of positioning yourself properly, and the choreography involved, is quite important. Obviously, most of us who exercise have to do our best so that we could do nicely but there are a few cheerleading stunts which are easier said than done. As an example, in some of the jump rope tricks, holding the rope with your arms is not always possible, it is the knowledge of where your body goes making the difference between performing rather than doing.

For instance, from the conventional jump rope trick, your two feet are at the base of the rope, so your hands are over your head and you lift your body so your two palms are at the peak of the atmosphere while your legs to lift. Your entire body, comprising your head, chest, arms, legs and torso, moves up and down the height of the air in order to throw the target from the opposite direction of you. The most crucial factor is to have great balance to allow your body to stay centered and your throwing motion to be smooth without losing your balance.

If you practice this ability , you will start to notice that your tosses travel farther than usual. That means that you will want more accuracy and focus. You might even perform three-step routines, where you throw from one side to another, to achieve better control. When practicing the 360 degree flyer, your toes have to be positioned a distance apart to attain maximum throwing distance. Also, your throwing arms will need to be at least 6 feet apart from one another.

There are different ways to improve this ability. One is to exercise lifting your own body up while performing stunts, which is easier if you play an assistant. Another is to use a broom handle or even a light weight pole. You can even practice using hand and arm weights to build your strength, which will give you greater control throughout your performances.

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